Ubbelohde Viscometers

Supplied with Cannon Instrument Company’s ISO/IEC 17025 Report of Calibration

For measurement of kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids by suspended level principle as described in ASTM D 445 and D 446, and ISO 3104 and 3105. Similar to Cannon-Ubbelohde but less rugged in design.

  • Minimum sample volume 11 mL. Requires liquid bath depth of 241 mm (9.5 inches)
  • Constants and ranges are as specified in Table
  • Holder sold separately. Refer to Catalog No. 9726-M50 and M53
Size Catalog No.
0 9721-R50
0C 9721-R53
0B 9721-R56
1 9721-R59
1C 9721-R62
1B 9721-R65
2 9721-R68
2C 9721-R71
2B 9721-R74
3 9721-R77
3C 9721-R80
3B 9721-R83
4 9721-R86
4C 9721-R89
4B 9721-R92
5 9721-R95