Removable Holders for Cannon Viscometers

All Cannon viscometer holders fit holes 51 mm (2 inches) in diameter. Rubber holders are made of neoprene rubber. Metal holders are constructed of chrome-plated machined brass and are provided with a handle.

Plastic Viscometer Holders

Viscometer Model No. Catalog No.
Cannon-Fenske Routine H100 9726-M50
Cannon-Fenske Opaque H100 9726-M50
Cannon-Ubbelohde H101 9726-M70
Cannon-Manning Semi-Micro H100 9726-M50
Cannon-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro H101 9726-M70
Cannon-Ubbelohde Dilution H101 9726-M70
Cannon-Ubbelohde Four-Bulb Shear Dilution H101 9726-M70

Rubber Viscometer Holders

Viscometer Model No. Catalog No.
Cannon-Fenske Routine H110 9726-M53
Cannon-Fenske Opaque H110 9726-M53
Cannon-Ubbelohde H120 9726-M73
Cannon-Manning Semi-Micro H110 9726-M53
Cannon-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro H120 9726-M73
Cannon-Ubbelohde Dilution H120 9726-M73
Cannon-Ubbelohde Four-Bulb Shear Dilution H120 9726-M73
Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm H115 9726-M95
BS/IP/RF U-Tube Reverse Flow H142 9726-N45
Cannon-Manning Vacuum H140 9726-N15
Asphalt Institute Vacuum H140 9726-N15
Modified Koppers Vacuum H141 9726-N30
Cannon-Ubbelohde Filter Stick H142 9726-N45

Metal Viscometer Holders

Viscometer Model No. Catalog No.
Cannon-Ubbelohde H131 9726-M76
Ubbelohde H130 9726-M82
Cannon-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro H131 9726-M76
Cannon-Ubbelohde Dilution H131 9726-M76
Cannon-Ubbelohde Four-Bulb Shear Dilution H131 9726-M76
Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm H132 9726-M98
BS/IP/SL Suspended Level H133 9726-M99
BS/IP/SL(S) Suspended Level H133 9726-M99
BS/IP/MSL Miniature Suspended Level H133 9726-M99