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NIST Traceable


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

Our lab is accredited by the A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025-2005 and ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1-1994. Your ISO 9000 (series) or other quality program in most cases recognize this accreditation and can accept our calibrations without the burden of conducting site audits or quality surveys.

Our A2LA Certificate & Scope of Accreditation

What does thermometer recalibration entail?


Your instrument will be examined under magnification for any chips, scratches, impurities in the bore or other defects which may impair its function.


Any separations of the liquid will be repaired without charge.


If the etchings are faded, the scale will be repainted without charge.


Your instrument will be compared to NIST traceable reference standards at the test points you specify, in accordance with appropriate ASTM and NIST test methods. A new NIST Traceable certificate of calibration will be issued, valid for the period of time that you specify. This certificate meets the requirements of ISO 17025, ANSI-NCSLI Z540.1, ISO 9000, and virtually all regulatory authorities.


A durable calibration sticker will be affixed to your thermometer with the date of calibration, recalibration due date and other appropriate information .


The instruments are our responsibility on return shipment to you. We pack them extremely well. If any are damaged in transit to you, you will receive a prompt, no charge PRIORITY replacement. No questions, no hassle.


Your instrument(s) will be registered in our Customer Registration database. This will enable us to inform you in writing one month before the expiration of your calibration certificate that recalibration is due, and permit us to keep you abreast of any changes in industry regulations which may affect your calibration.

Why is it necessary to have my calibrated thermometer re-calibrated?

When a thermometer is heated, the liquid within the bulb expands and is forced upward into the capillary where its level indicates the temperature value. Each heating and cooling cycle imparts stress to the bulb. After repeated use, even the highest quality liquid in glass thermometer will experience a slight change in bulb volume due to this expansion and contraction. When this change takes place, the indication of the thermometer will also change. Recalibration of the certified thermometer updates the indications and thus allows the user to maintain accurate, reliable and consistent results when making temperature measurements.

When your instrument is calibrated, it is compared to NIST certified primary master standards at the test points specified by the customer or ICL, in accordance to ASTM and NIST test methods.

A new NIST Traceable certificate of calibration will be issued, valid for the period of time that you specify. This certificate meets the requirements of ISO/IEC Guide 25, ISO/IEC 17025, the FDA, the EPA, and the ISO 9000 & QS 9000 series of quality standards. Sample Calibration Report.

Recalibration at regular intervals to document traceability to NIST is an important part of most quality programs such as the ISO 9000 series of quality standards.

How often should my thermometer be recalibrated?

This is a complex question. Consideration should be given to the frequency of use, the temperatures at which it is used, and the requirements of the regulatory agencies and/or the quality system you may be using. In general, for most laboratory and industrial applications a recalibration interval of one year is considered reasonable and prudent, however you should choose a recalibration interval which satisfies your quality system and then be sure to adhere to it. Most ISO 9000 series programs are using a one year recalibration interval. More info

How do I arrange for my thermometer to be recalibrated?

Simply fill out a recalibration form and send it to us with your thermometers.

If you do not have facilities to safely package your glass thermometers, we will loan you a case for shipping (no charge). Fax or email us the recalibration form, (be sure to check the ‘Please send me a shipping case!’ option), and indicate the length of each thermometer. We will send you via UPS a reusable shipping case into which you place the instruments (we’ll include instructions), snap the case closed, affix the supplied return label, and ship it back to us via the carrier of your choice. Your instruments will be returned to you, with calibration reports, in standard packaging.

I have an upcoming audit. What's the turn-around time?

Normally 5 to 7 working days at our facility. If you have an emergency, let us know and we will make certain your deadline is met.

We also offer a wide variety of NEW NIST Traceable calibrated thermometers, ASTM, SAMA and others, available for immediate shipment at competitive prices.

Thermometer Calibration Pricing

Calibration charges for ASTM thermometers, liquid-in-glass thermometers, digital thermometers, PRT sensors, RTDs, thermocouple sensors, thermistor sensors, etc.are based upon the number of points tested, in accordance with the following schedule:

Prices indicated are per point tested. Help on choosing test points.
Minimum charge per instrument tested: $106.00
Prices include pre-calibration examination, calibration, and issuance of report document.

Comparison calibrations in liquid baths
Fahrenheit Celsius Price
Liquid nitrogen, approx -196 °C Liquid nitrogen, approx -320 °F $116.00
From -80 to < -60 °C From -112 to < -76 °F $116.00
From -60 to < -40 °C From -76 to < -40 °F $106.00
From -40 to < -20 °C From -40 to < -4 °F $90.50
From -20 to < 0 °C From -4 to <32 °F $80.00
Triple point o °F water +0.01 °C Triple point o °F water +32.018 °F $74.00
From 0 to 100 °C From 32 to 212 °F $55.50
From >100 to 200 °C From >212 to 392 °F $69.00
From >200 to 300 °C From >392 to 572 °F $83.50
From >300 to 370 °C From >572 to 700 °F $111.00
From >370 to 400 °C From >700 to 752 °F $139.00
From >400 to 420 °C From >752 to 788 °F $174.00
Comparison calibrations in Hart Scientific 9173 Metrology well
Fahrenheit Celsius Price
From >400 to 650 °C From >752 to 1202 °F $174.00
Comparison calibrations in Hart Scientific 9150 Thermocouple furnace
Fahrenheit Celsius Price
From >650 to 1000 °C From >1202 to 1832 °F $206.00

Note: Digital thermometers or other thermometers (such as bimetallic thermometers) which require adjustment, and for which “As Found” and “After Adjustment” readings are required, are tested at the specified test points, adjusted, and then tested again at each test point. Because of the additional labor required, a 30% adder to the prices determined from the table above is applicable.

PRTs (full range comparison calibrations) $695.00

Calibrations with derived coefficients and table of resistance values – pricing depends on number of test points
Price is based on a calibration consisting of 5 test points (two low temperature points, typically -196 °C and -38.834 °C, TPW (triple point of water, 0.01 °C), and 2 or 3 high temperature points, typically 156.599, 231.928 and 419.527 °C). Adding additional test points increases the precision of the calibration – and the price; additional test points may be chosen from pricing table above. Price includes pre-calibration examination, calibration (recording ‘as found’ temperatures and resistance values), calculation of characterization coefficients from the obtained values, performing the calibration a second time to obtain “as left” values, issuance of report document including a table of resistance values to corresponding temperature across the range at which calibration was performed.

Calibrations furnishing raw data only (resistance and uncorrected temperature values)

Miscellaneous Charges
Item Price
Teflon® encapsulation By length of thermometer
Replacement of calibration report – New original $35.00
Email copy of original calibration report in Adobe Acrobat PDF to customer No charge
Add serial number (ceramic decal) to thermometer submitted for calibration which has no serial number $50.00
Minimum charge for calibration services performed on instrument rejected when no replacement instrument is ordered $35.00

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