The Specialists in ASTM Thermometers and Hydrometers

We are dedicated to the provision of products and NIST Traceable, ISO 17025 accredited calibration services to assist our clients in maintaining the integrity of their measurement systems.

ASTM-A2LA-logosICL CALIBRATION LABORATORIES, INC. is a corporation, registered under the laws of the State of Florida, Federal Employer ID # 65-0440353. Our Technical Supervisors are active members of ASTM E20 on Temperature Measurement, participating on the following subcommittees: E20.03 Resistance Thermometry; E20.04 Thermocouples; E20.05 Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers and Hydrometers (which has responsibility for thermometers (ASTM E-1), E20.07 Fundamentals in Thermometry; E20.09 Digital Contact Thermometers; E20.91 Editorial and Terminology; hydrometers (ASTM E-100), and verification and calibration methods for these instruments (ASTM E-77 and ASTM E-126, respectively); ASTM D02.91 Coordinating Subcommittee on Thermometry and the API Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards.


We belong to ASTM International, NCSL International (National Conference of Standards Laboratories), NCWM (National Conference of Weights and Measures), ASQ (American Society for Quality), and API (American Petroleum Institute).


We have the most technologically advanced calibration equipment and use NIST calibrated reference standards.


We are aggressively customer service oriented and forward thinking, as we intend to have a presence in our industry for many years to come.


Our accrediting organization is the A2LA – the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation We are accredited to both ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1 Our A2LA Certificate & Scope of Accreditation details the calibrations we are authorized to perform.


We own and occupy approximately 4,000 square feet of laboratory and office space in a modern industrial park in Stuart, Florida. Our facility is climate controlled to meet ISO 17025 standards lab requirements, spotlessly clean, bright, organized and efficient. We are proud of our offices and labs and invite your visits, audits and quality surveys.


We attained our accreditation to ISO Guide 25, the predecessor of ISO/IEC 17025, in September of 1994, and transitioned to the new 17025 in 2001. We have maintained our accreditation in continual good standing, adding to and refining our abilities regularly.


We believe that ongoing training is essential to keep the technical team at the top of its game, and we invest aggressively in staff training.


ICL is a civic minded company, cognizant of our obligations to our community-at-large. We contribute on an ongoing basis to recognized charitable organizations benefiting local, state, and national humanitarian efforts.


If any of our products or services do not absolutely and completely satisfy your expectations, it may be returned for a prompt and courteous refund. Period. No questions asked. Any glass thermometer or hydrometer we sell is guaranteed to function properly for the lifetime of the product. (Accidental breakage is not covered by this guarantee.) Of course, thermometers and hydrometers will change their readings somewhat with age, and with the passage of time may no longer meet the specifications claimed when new, however we guarantee absolutely against premature failure due to deficient manufacture.

Support for your quality system

Having attained an ISO accreditation ourselves, we understand the process and the requirements. We will work with your quality people to be certain we are meeting all aspects of your system’s requirements. We have built our reputation as being a company that makes problems with deficient documentation disappear.

CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE: We offer credit to qualified businesses. For information on credit lines or how to set up a Net 30 Days account, please contact our accounting department. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

PROMPT SHIPMENTS: Our comprehensive stock and modern laboratory facility allow us to ship your order normally within a day or two from receipt. If you have an urgent or unusual need PLEASE TELL US and we will do everything possible to get you what you need on time.

QUESTIONS? CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU NEED ON THIS SITE? CALL US! We stock a great many items which do not appear in this catalog – further, we have access to manufacturers who carry a huge variety of unusual thermometers and hydrometers. CUSTOM CALIBRATIONS OR TESTING TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS can be performed promptly. Call us.

PRICING: We have made every effort to present accurate, current pricing in this site, however, printing errors may exist and pricing may change without notice.

DISCOUNTS are available for volume purchases and for qualified resellers.

Minimum Orders: ICL has a minimum order policy of $50.00 US for all domestic shipments and $250.00 for International shipments. If you are unable to reach the minimum order, your order will be processed for a Small Order Fee of $15.00 for domestic shipments and 30.00 for international shipments.

HAZMAT: Laboratory thermometers or thermo-hydrometers which contain mercury are classified as UN 3506, ‘Mercury Contained in Manufactured Articles.  In modest quantities, when shipped by surface (UPS Ground, Fed Ex Ground, etc), no declaration of hazardous materials is required.

When these shipments are dispatched via air service, such as UPS Red, UPS Blue or Fed Ex, any quantity is declarable, and requires additional packaging and special HAZMAT paperwork to be completed.

ICL has instituted a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Packing Fee of $25.00 for domestic shipment or $75.00 for international shipments.

Please note that this is a packaging and paperwork fee, not a freight charge!  HAZMAT freight charges are separate charges.