Centrifuge Tubes

  • Manufactured in strict accordance to ASTM & API Standards
  • Graduations are etched in glass for permanent legibility
  • Each tube supplied with a sand spot for individual marking
  • Each tube is serialized
Catalog No. Description
600.711 Centrifuge Tube, 100 ml Short Cone
600.712 Centrifuge Tube, 200% (100ml) Short Cone
600.713 Centrifuge tube, Oil and Weathering (or end point index) 8″.Tube used extensively in California. Can be used in the determination of residues in Liquified Petroleum (LP) gases, ASTM Method D2158. Calibrated to contain.
600.715 Centrifuge Tube, 100 ml Pear Shape. Tube used in the determination of bottom sediment and water in petroleum products and in the determination of foots in raw linseed oil by the gravimetric method (ASTM D1966). Calibrated to contain. Stem diameter holds 1.5 mL. Scale and legend are durable white ceramic enamel.
600.716 Oil Conical Centrifuge Tubes, White Graduations. In accordance with standard methods of testing for water and sediment in petroleum products. White graduations upward to 0.5mL in divisions of 0.05mL; from 0.5mL to 2mL in divisions of 0.1mL; from 2mL to 3mL in divisions of 0.2mL; from 3mL to 5mL in divisions of 0.5mL; from 5mL to 10mL in divisions of 1mL; from 10mL to 25mL in divisions of 5mL and at 50, 75 and 100mL.Reference: ASTM D-96, D-91, D-893 and D-1796.
600.717 Centrifuge Tube, Graduated, API. 100% 12.5 ml capacity. Calibrated to contain. Used to determine the bottom sediment and water in petroleum. Made in accordance with the former specifications of the American Petroleum Institute. (API Standard 2542). Scale, legend and marking spot are durable white ceramic enamel. Referred to as the “Finger” tube.