Cannon-Ubbelohde Viscometers

Suspended level viscometer for measurement of kinematic viscosity fo transparent Newtonian liquids according to ASTM D 445 and ISO 3104. Also used for evaluating jet and hydraulic lubricants. Especially suited for use at temperatures above 93°C (200°F) or below -18°C (0°F). Require no kinetic energy corrections over 0.5 to 100,000 centistokes range. Viscometer constant is same at all temperatures. Specifications conform to ASTM D 446 and ISO 3105.

Provided with ISO/IEC 17025 certificate of calibration
and instruction sheet.


  • Minimum sample volume 11 mL. Require liquid bath depth of 254 mm (10 inches); must be submerged to approximately 220 mm (8.5 inches)
  • Constants and ranges are specified in Table 2
  • Holder sold separately. Refer to Catalog No. 9726-M70, M73, and M76
Size Catalog No.
25 9721-K50
50 9721-K53
75 9721-K56
100 9721-K59
150 9721-K62
200 9721-K65
300 9721-K68
350 9721-K71
400 9721-K74
450 9721-K77
500 9721-K80
600 9721-K83
650 9721-K86
700 9721-K89