Thermometer Rack, Polypropylene

This rack holds up to 25 thermometers in a vertical position. Hole diameters in top and middle plates are 5/16″ (7.9 mm) while the bottom plate has only 1/8″ (3.2mm) diameter drain holes. Distance between top and bottom plates is 4 1/8″ (105 mm). Overall dimensions are 5 1/8″x 8 3/8″x 9 7/8″ high (149x213x251). May be steam autoclaved at 250 °F (121 °C).

Catalog No. Description
TR-100 Thermometer Rack
Protective Case for Thermometers

Protective Cases for Thermometers

Wood reinforced, leatherette covered cases with velvet lined interior. 2 safety snaps on cover.
A ‘must’ for certified thermometers to protect your valuable instrument when not in use.

Catalog No. Capacity Holds thermometer up to: (maximum length)
300-000 1 thermometer 12.5″ (317mm)
300-002 1 thermometer 16.5″ (420mm)
300-004 1 thermometer 18.5″ (470mm)
300-006 1 thermometer 24.5″ (620mm)
300-008 9 thermometers 16″ (406mm)
Armor Cases for Glass Thermometers

Armor Cases for Glass Thermometers

Available to fit most thermometers in this catalog as well as those of other manufacturers, ICL Armors are fabricated from seamless brass tubing, nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Each armor is fitted with suspension ring.

Catalog No. To Fit:
210-904 12″ THERMOMETERS
210-908 15″ THERMOMETERS
210-902 16″ THERMOMETERS
210-906 18″ THERMOMETERS
210-910 24″ THERMOMETERS