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Sample Calibration Reports     

We invite you to view our reports to be certain that all the quality system information you need is included and that the format is straightforward and easy to use.  It is, and we get lots of compliments on our reports from clients and auditors alike.

Please bear in mind that the resolution of these scanned images has been reduced for quick display and that some loss of detail is inevitable.  The originals are much cleaner and sharper.  

Please also keep in mind that our reports are always evolving, keeping pace with quality system and regulatory agency requirements, as well as incorporating new thinking in metrology.  Moreover, new equipment is added to the lab, standards are recalibrated and/or new reference standards are rotated into service.  New changes are incorporated often, sometimes weekly.  These reports may not be the latest version.  If you have a concern, please contact jeff.kelly@iclcalibration.com

We have deliberately omitted the required signatures on these reports and have printed 'SAMPLE' diagonally, in large type, across each page to avoid confusion with original reports.

Should you determine that you require additional information on or modification to the reports, please contact Jeff Kelly (Technical Director) at 800 713 6647 or jeff.kelly@iclcalibration.com   We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

ASTM thermometer 

PRT report

Dostmann digital thermometer

ThermoProbe PET thermometer

ASTM hydrometer

Weight set

Volumetric flask ASTM Class 1




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